The Odds….

Photo Credit I wrote this in January. Before shit hit the fan. Before we fell off and fell back. Before we were ever given a chance. Dear You, What are the odds that you and I found each other? I always think about this. My soul has been yours since the first time our eyes … Continue reading The Odds….


Happy Place 

When you think of your happy place, where do you go?  Me? I go to that one room where the world just seems to disappear as soon as I step into it. That one room where no one can see me.  No one but HIM.  Him.  His touch seems to make everything disappear. All of … Continue reading Happy Place 


I've been MIA for a few weeks...  I was in my head about some thing and situations which I do often but it was brought to my attention that I haven't written soooo... I'm back.... 

What’s the point?

What's the point in saying I'm sorry to only turn around and do the very thing you apologized for? What's the point in changing if nothing else changes? What's the point in crying when no one is listening?  What's the point of loving? Loving to live.. Living to die.  Photo Credit


Did you ever feel as though the only person you have to talk to is you?  In a crowded room and yet you feel alone.. People talking yet you hear nothing.. You talk and no one is there to respond.. Photo Credit

Just another day…

Yesterday, I had a bad day. Most likely from not sleeping. Could be from whatever bug I have that made me throw up last night and feeling nauseous today. Or maybe PMS. Ok, ok now I am making excuses. Today, I vow to do better. To feel more positive.